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About Zainab

Zainab Zakari has been teaching flow yoga for nearly 15 years and has crafted and led workshops, immersions, teacher trainings and international retreats.  Her teaching passions include peeling back the layers from the outermost physical to the innermost soulful to reconnect to the heart’s voice within.  As a student of life and a biracial woman, Zainab is committed to cultivating brave spaces where truth and respect lead to long-lasting, uplifting change for all communities.

Zainab’s flow classes are known for offering multi-layers—from the physical and the mental to the creative and the sacred.  She aims to meet students wherever they are on their journey, and she is not above using humor, movie references, dance, poetry, sports, geometry, physics or practical magic to do it.  Anchored by insights from all her teachers, Zainab encourages her students to build their awareness for alignment in living flow, a deep curiosity when approaching new experiences, and a kind, patient witness to whatever unfolds on and off the mat.  Students will be invited and *sweetly* challenged to breathe, to move, to listen and to trust their inner guide.  They will be invited to (re)connect to their Soul.

Zainab strives to facilitate more conscious, brave and compassionate connections for all.  She has become a sought-after educator for yoga and wellness teachers and space holders.  In recent years, she has been immersed in continuing education focused on social & racial justice as it intersects and shapes our collective wellness.  She studies from skilled and leading activists in this field, most recently completing a Skill in Action immersion with Michelle C. Johnson. 

Her other guides include Mother Nature, the Breath and Heart, and her yoga influences were ignited through Flow.  In addition to her first teacher training led by Lisa Bennett and Charles Matkin, she has an advanced certification in Prana Vinyasa Yoga, founded by Shiva Rea.  She has also taken trainings in Lotus Flow Vinyasa.  

In addition to leading yoga classes, Zainab  holds a Master's Degree in Journalism, and she has contributed to DoYouYoga, Fit Yoga, Zink lifestyle magazine, & Women’s eNews.

Zainab's teaching is light-hearted, precise and up-lifting.  Her stories and sense of humor draw you in and inspire you to try things you might never have on your own!  Her playfulness is matched by an equally grounded understanding of the body and its energetic structure.  I always leave her class with a smile on my face!

Rachel Bush, Anusara Certified, Registered Yoga Teacher


You are invited to flow & (re)connect to the Soul.

Zainab merges the influences of her teachers and adds her own flair to tailor fluid and dynamic flows for the audiences and levels in front of her.  Whether leading large or small groups, she especially enjoys integrating these layers into the student experience:

  • Guiding fluid movement linked with breath

  • Cultivating energetic alignment & awareness in movement

  • Highlighting the kramas (stages) in asanas to meet all levels

  • Intuitive, intelligent & purposeful sequencing: from simple to complex

  • Creative, playful & sound transitions

  • Modern themes & storytelling

  • Weaving in awareness of the elemental, subtle body & the chakras

  • Guided meditation & centering

  • Linking the experience on the mat to living yoga off the mat

  • Creating brave and respectful spaces for all beings together

Shiva Rea + Zainab

Prana Vinyasa Yoga

Founded by Shiva Rea

prana – life force, breath, movements of life

vinyasa – evolution, wave, cycle, to place in a special way

yoga – to unify, the state of unified consciousness

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